June 2009

50 Properties sold in the Santa Fe City Limits, June 2009

TypeStatus DateList $%DOMAddressAreaSq. FeetLot Size
condo06/11/09$249,90088.04255Artist RdSF City Limits NE1000
condo06/01/09$449,50094.5548Artist RdSF City Limits NE1550
condo06/05/09$598,00074.41324Monte Vista PlaceSF City Limits NE1931
sngfam06/18/09$625,00083.20256Bishops Lodge RoadSF City Limits NE45001.900
sngfam06/05/09$649,00084.75296Llano LargoSF City Limits NE23440.015
twnhm06/25/09$920,00093.48139Camino del EsteSF City Limits NE2740
sngfam06/12/09$699,00090.84338Camino FranciscaSF City Limits NW28570.694
sngfam06/02/09$300,00070.83117Columbia StreetSF City Limits SE22790.218
sngfam06/24/09$319,00086.83317Sanchez StSF City Limits SE1136
sngfam06/15/09$345,00086.96143Don GasparSF City Limits SE21220.500
sngfam06/05/09$739,95091.22177Camino DeloraSF City Limits SE31650.216
sngfam06/22/09$1,825,00087.67184Camino Del Monte SolSF City Limits SE39660.750
condo06/04/09$259,900100.00185Calle LindaSF City Limits SW-N16420.100
condo06/15/09$146,900100.0775W San MateoSF City Limits SW-S870
condo06/15/09$253,00098.8197Vegas VerdesSF City Limits SW-S1171
sngfam06/08/09$315,00096.8349Avenida De Las CampanasSF City Limits SW-S21820.240
sngfam06/18/09$399,95094.01134Plaza AmarillaSF City Limits SW-S1759
twnhm06/02/09$469,00099.1512Viale TresanaSF City Limits SW-S23900.080
condo06/04/09$239,50096.0382Bishops Lodge RoadSF City Limits NE1042
condo06/29/09$425,00084.71381Artist RoadSF City Limits NE1000
sngfam06/24/09$395,000100.0058Vuelta RobleSF City Limits NE0.130
twnhm06/01/09$435,00095.40119GonzalesSF City Limits NE1530
condo06/30/09$574,50093.99151CatronSF City Limits NE1134
sngfam06/10/09$635,00096.0654Este LnSF City Limits NE24971.000
sngfam06/08/09$675,00091.4850Camino Sin SalidaSF City Limits NE24400.347
sngfam06/05/09$650,00098.4673Camino MontebelloSF City Limits NE27750.190
sngfam06/17/09$710,00097.89379La VivezaSF City Limits NE2200
sngfam06/01/09$895,00097.21262Los Arboles LnSF City Limits NE37321.120
sngfam06/09/09$1,050,00090.71215Este LnSF City Limits NE31571.220
sngfam06/03/09$975,00097.69196Vallecita Dr.SF City Limits NE42501.000
condo06/01/09$198,00094.9538Kathryn PlaceSF City Limits NW6840.010
sngfam06/25/09$214,00091.82205Caminito MontanoSF City Limits NW10320.205
sngfam06/30/09$300,00099.3397Rio Vista StSF City Limits NW17640.165
sngfam06/18/09$325,00092.3198SombrioSF City Limits NW18000.174
sngfam06/26/09$349,00093.1256Santa Fe River RdSF City Limits NW15380.141
sngfam06/11/09$434,00096.60240Cibola CircleSF City Limits NW17900.140
condo06/03/09$109,900100.00204Miguel Chavez RdSF City Limits SE840
condo06/28/09$314,00091.72409Rodeo RoadSF City Limits SE1250
sngfam06/17/09$359,900100.31254Camino San AcacioSF City Limits SE1347
sngfam06/26/09$459,00094.5536Don CuberoSF City Limits SE14500.138
sngfam06/05/09$435,000100.0063BandelierSF City Limits SE26830.680
sngfam06/26/09$529,00096.99284Calle de SebastianSF City Limits SE23840.930
condo06/05/09$575,00095.65513Old Pecos TrailSF City Limits SE1286
sngfam06/05/09$595,00097.48144Calle HalconSF City Limits SE18501.540
sngfam06/30/09$637,00098.12123S Miracerros LoopSF City Limits SE23200.330
sngfam06/22/09$780,00089.10103Don Gaspar AveSF City Limits SE37000.175
sngfam06/24/09$899,00087.99116Plaza BalentineSF City Limits SE19950.200
sngfam06/15/09$175,00077.71602BacaSF City Limits SW-N1750
condo06/09/09$202,49299.8977Santa Elena StSF City Limits SW-N
sngfam06/29/09$235,00094.4734Family LnSF City Limits SW-N17810.168
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Real Estate Association Realtor of the Year 2015 and Santa Fe Realtor of the Year 2006

Gary Wallace has been a Realtor since 1976 and in 1995 became a member of the Santa Fe Association of Realtors. Throughout his years in Santa Fe, Gary has been a member or Chairperson of the Multiple Listing Committee, Grievance Committee, Community Services Committee, Realtor of the Year Committee, By Laws Committee, Nominating Committee and is currently chairing the Professional Standards Committee. He was also a member of the local association Board of Directors for many years. See Gary's Full Bio
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